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Eric's First Camera

North Point Photography was created in 2000 by Eric Guarisco, the owner and main shooter for most of our events. Eric started with photography as a hobby when he was young, and continued to pursue this passion throughout his life. Starting with a Kodak Instamatic given to him by his father, he has now moved on to working with Sony A-7s and an infrared camera that he created at home.

Educated at the University of Connecticut in Engineering, Eric still felt as though he needed an outlet for his creative appetite. He started shooting images of sports in high school and continued his work into adulthood. His passion was apparent at a young age but wasn’t fully acknowledged by others until one of his students saw his images on his laptop. This student asked Eric if he would have the honor of shooting her wedding.

From this event, he was given three referrals that have translated into hundreds of happy customers and enabled him to build North Point through word of mouth. This has allowed him to grow a successful business throughout the last two decades and add more offerings to his business as his skillset and experiences have grown.

In 2000 Eric started North Point Photography as a part-time gig. Four years later the business had organically grown enough that he was able to move into a full-time business. By 2005 he hired his first assistant for support during these events that he had previously been taking on alone. One year later he was able to hire a full-time second photographer and multiple assistants to sustain efficiency within the business. In 2009 Eric upgraded to a 25-megapixel full-frame camera. By adding this new device to his company the resolution of the images soared, enabling room for more edits, and flexibility in client usage.


Not only does he achieve beautiful shots at weddings with his understanding of light and angles, but he also has been able to achieve wonderful studio images and environmental shots using that knowledge as well. As he continues to work with people of all backgrounds and cultures his creativity and quest for the perfect shot have only expanded. Let him and his team show you what they can do for you. Book a session with us today.

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