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Do we need to give you a list of the photographs that we want?

Generally speaking, no. We have a list that we regularly shoot at events. If you would like to see the shot list that we strive to capture at each event, please just ask.

How early should I book my photographer for my wedding?

ASAP We think it's smart to get us in the books so you have the date reserved. Our availability fills up fast. 

Do we provide food for you on the day of the wedding?

Most couples offer to get us a vendor meal and feed us after around 6 hours of work. Depending on the day and the package, you can work out a meal time break for your photographers. We appreciate this being discussed before that day so there is less room for issues.

How many locations are included in the shoot?

Depending on the amount of time we have with you will determine how many locations we get to shoot at. Each location is around an hour and a half for the driving, set up, and shooting. If you have us for 4 hours, expect 2-4 locations depending on the weather and how quickly we can move throughout the city. 

How is the price determined?

We are all about giving the customer the best possible value. We may not have the lowest absolute price, but we provide a level of service, and high-quality images that other discount boutiques have a difficult time competing with.

What is your typical process for working with a new customer?

I will personally meet with you (either in person, or virtually) to learn about your requirements. This way you can become comfortable long before the event occurs. This way day of you are relaxed and able to enjoy every moment, resulting in more beautiful photographs.

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